XABY ep 2: Oh god the lines

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Alright so Episode 2 of XABY is finally up. It is a little bit later this time because our sound producer had some real work which he had to do since we sure as hell aren’t paying him.

You can download it directly from here

Most of my TGS impressions are there so I am not going to write them up here. However I do have a very quick story I wanted to share. As the show came to a close I noticed a few of my buddies had some awesome Ryu ga Gotoku 3 posters which I wanted to get my hands on. Without any real prospect of finding one I took off back to the Sega booth to ask around. Of course everyone I asked said they had all been given out, which left me a bit disappointed. Just as I caught my breath and prepared to return to my friends empty-handed I noticed a line forming near me. As I circled around to get a better look, I realized it was people waiting in line to speak with the producer of the Ryu ga Gotoku series, Toshihiro Nagoshi. There were only a few people lining up so I just slipped in the back. He was caught up in a conversation with a beautiful woman which took the better part of 10 minutes before taking pictures with the people in front of me. It came to my turn and I told him how much I love his games and how excited I was for the third in the series. He was nice enough but didn’t seem to interested in talking to me or the people in front of me. Can’t really blame him considering who we followed after.


XABY Radio: wasting our time talking about games

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I was recently invited to join a podcast by Nayan Ramachandran of HDRL fame. It is basically myself, Nayan, Eric Koziel from Book of Revenant, Segata Sanshiro from Neogaf, and Arne Meyer from Naughty dog wasting time talking about what games we are playing and other topics which are related to the gaming industry. This is the first edition of what is planned to be a bi-weekly podcast. It ended up going quite a bit better than we expected, and I have to say I am looking forward to the next one. This first one is a little bit on the long side but please take a listen and leave any comments you would like.

This is the official site for the podcast or you can just download directly from here.


Inazuma Eleven Impressions

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Alright well it has been quite a while since the last update because of my recent move to Osaka. It has been a busy period of settling in plus starting work at new schools in the Osaka area. I finally feel like I am settled in so I figured it would be a good time to update the blog.

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Persona 4 Prologue

July 14, 2008 at 11:40 am | Posted in Everyday Life | 1 Comment

I have been meaning to do another small translation for practice, and finally found something interesting to work on. So in line with the previous Berwick Saga piece I am putting up my amateur take on the Persona 4 prologue located in the game manual.


After his parents leave town on business, our Hero is forced to move into the small country town of Inaba. Upon his arrival, the town is beset by a series of mysterious murder cases. Corpses with no identifiable cause of death are found one after the other, hanging from buildings or TV antennas…Numerous strange “shadows” steadily creep up on the quiet country town.

A rumor spreads throughout town; at zero hour on a rainy day it is possible to see the Lost Channel. This Lost Channel will supposedly reveal your “soulmate”, but at what cost…?

A shroud falls over the town, in the form of a dark and dense fog.
Almost as if the path to the future has been shut, the town is trapped by the fog.

People suddenly disappear, only to be found as corpses later. Who will be the next to disappear? And where exactly is the culprit…?

In order to uncover the identity of the mysterious murderer, our Hero and his partners have opened up the door to another world. The key to this door is the power lying dormant deep within all of their minds…their other self; Their very own “Persona”.

Persona > > > > Awakening

Facing their true self in this other world, your partners awaken their hidden talents as “Persona Users”. At the same time this marks the end of their peaceful everyday lives. It also means the beginning of a year filled with adversities as they scramble to solve the mystery.

Persona Users

For any average person the ego that they try to suppress is in fact another self which lurks in the depths of their consciousness. A Persona User describes someone who is able to tame this other self and turn it into usable “Power”. Each Persona User has their on particular persona, and our Hero is no different. However, as a Persona User our Hero still has a special power he is still keeping to himself.

The original japanese selection is available below.

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SRPG Goodness! Valkyria Chronicles!

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Well after thinking about it for a while, I decided against doing reviews on this site. I was planning on doing a review of Valkyria Chronicles as my first one, but instead I will just do a detailed post about what I believe the game did right as far as the SRPG genre is concerned. In a genre that has been plagued with a lack of substantial innovation, Valkyria Chronicles stands out as a fine example of a new idea which was perfectly executed.

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Metal Gear OFFline

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Well last weekend the servers for the MGO beta finally shut down, but not before me and my friends destroyed team after team until the wee hours of the morning. It was definitely a great time while it lasted and I will be joining everyone back online once it hits next month.

Now I just want to put up my final impressions, now that I have had time to reflect on various aspects of the beta.  As I said in my last post, I want to spend some time discussing the Sneaking Mission playmode that was added a few days into the beta. For me this was the most exciting thing in the beta because it not only gave us a look at the general idea behind the single player in MGS4 but also gave us a chance to try out Snake and his awesome Octocam!
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Detailed Impressions: Metal Gear Online

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Thanks to the Golden Week holiday me and my friends managed to put a significant amount of time into the MGO beta. God this game makes me giggle in happiness over and over. It is one of the freshest multiplayer experiences I have had in a long time. The SOP system when properly utilized is amazing and really adds a lot of incentive to proper teamwork. I am just going to do my normal thing and go over some of the various aspects that have put a smile on my face so far in the beta.

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Not quite there: MGO :(

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Yeah I would not normally use a frown face in a title, but it really is fitting.

Sadly, the Metal Gear Online Beta is still running a little behind schedule.

They are currently working on the Japanese servers, while shutting off access to the other regions. The remaining servers are allegedly going live after things are stabilized for Japan. Maintenance is scheduled to end tomorrow around 3PM. 

I made it as far as entering my character name but got dropped after sending the data. Will try again throughout the night, but it doesn’t look promising. There is a hint of good news in the fact that the test will be extended for another five days. It is now set to end on May 11th.

And yes this is being placed under Latest Addictions because I can’t seem to go an hour without trying to connect again. Sounds like an addiction to me. 

Metal Gear Online Beta!

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Well it has been a bumpy start, but the Metal Gear Online beta test should be up and running soon. I was one of the few lucky enough to get my Konami ID and beta key all sorted out before Konami’s site started to get hammered to the point where it was unusable. 

Now that it is so close I have found myself reading more and more about this little gem that Kojima Productions is putting out. The game(and the beta) will come complete with character and skill customization, allowing you to decide to specialize in abilities ranging from Close Quarters Combat, Sniping, Demolition, Quickness, and other stats.

However the most exciting aspect of the game is the Sons Of the Patriots system which is something that will also be playing an important part in the MGS4 story. It consists of soldiers being injected with nano-machines that allow them to share information with other squad members in real time. Basically what this allows as far as gameplay in MGO is giving you real time information of your teammates location, status, and even what they are aiming or looking at. However, it is not quite as simple as having them show up on a radar, which would not be a big change from other shooters. It actually just shows their outline through walls and obstacles so you can always keep your eyes on the action and your teammates. 

This is really exciting for me, because I find myself easily distracted by radar and depend on it too much. The way that this system will allow the same type of information(and even more) to be displayed without confining it to a tiny square in the corner of a screen has the potential to make teamwork a lot more seamless inside the game.  

Other than this promising system, the game just looks like it is a solid effort by Kojima Productions. It is packed with all of the action and humor that has become a staple of the Metal Gear series. Just taking a look at the image of the personnel launcher should be enough to confirm this.

Barring connection problems I will be jumping on this game as soon as I get off from work today. See you on the other side! 


We <3 korochan

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So I have recently started working my way through Persona 3 FES. I planned to play the original Persona 3 when it first came out but just got sidetracked with other things. However, after hearing about the U.S. Persona 3 FES announcement and Persona 4 unveiling I found my interest reignited. Unfortunately the Persona 4 announcement caused all the used copies of P3 FES in my local stores to disappear within days. After calling around for a few days I found a store willing to have a copy sent from a different store. It took about a week and I was finally able to get my hands on this spectacular RPG after my spring vacation.

Now I am just goddamn addicted. It is always on from the moment I get inside the house. Even when I have other work to do I always figure out a way to get some grinding done or just go through the daily motions inside the game.  

I am really liking how the game handles day to day pacing. The simplicity which which it flows really makes it a pleasure to play. There is a ton of variety in what you can do to pass the in game time plus it appears that new activities and communities are just going to keep popping up.  The dialogue is brilliant and all of the characters are likable so far. The story started off developing slowly, but it has started to pick up finally and every new revelation has me wanting more. The development of all the characters is well done, especially for Junpei who has to be one of my favorite RPG characters in a long time. He oozes personality but not in some weird manufactured way. He is just a really believable character which is rare for most RPGs. Even a lot of the NPCs in the game have better character development than your average RPG fare.

I usually try to avoid grinding as much as possible in RPGs but Tartarus keeps calling me back in this game. This is mainly because find the battle system so enjoyable, primarily because of it’s fast pace. It might be because the last RPG I played was Lost Odyssey which is in direct contrast with it’s slow paced system but P3 FES just feels refreshing in this regard. I was somewhat wary after reading that you could not have direct control over your party members, but the AI has proved itself more than capable so far. This fact plus the addition of strategic commands you can issue really reduce the number of headaches there could have been. The use of AI is one of the main reasons why the battles flow so smoothly. 
Now to just wait for this work day to end so I can get back to my passion!  

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