Import Training Wheels: Soma Bringer

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Okay I am going to do a quick and dirty translation of the Kanbus skill trees. I am at work so I might edit them later, but I will try to do my best on the first run through. There may be something missing and random capitilization problems and such but my head hurts and I’m not doing anymore right now 😉

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Black Enka Singer? Jero is awesome

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So just ran over this on a couple of the forum I frequent and thought it was noteworthy enough to post about.

It seems that he is mostly black, but his grandmother was Japanese. He is also completely fluent, if you coudn’t already tell from his singing. Really amazing voice and I think it could be really good for enka in general. I have never been interested in it before, but always held a kind of respect for it. Maybe this will cause more interest in the musical form among the younger Japanese generation.

Demo Impressions: Soma Bringer

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So after some adventures I finally found a DS station that was playable. Unfortunately the demo isn’t actually available for download and you are forced to use the demo unit to play. Considering a lot of these demo units are used and abused daily it’s not too much fun.

I played a few minutes with around 3 characters, and managed to get to the boss with the Einsatz character. He was equipped with 2 swords and it was really easy to pull off combos with him. His attacks were flashy and had quite a bit of variety. I didn’t get to finish the boss because the DS demo unit decided to reset for some reason, but even the boss in the demo was impressive looking. A big serpent carrying a badass sword. It was fairly easy, but isn’t that how all demos go recently?

The combat system is exactly what I want, simple but customizable which lends it to have a little more depth than some of the more recent ARPG offerings. One thing I didn’t know is that it allows you to have two different attack setups mapped, and you just switch between them with R button(you also switch to your item layout with L). So you are actually able to have around 8 different attacks mapped at one time. Not sure if you are required to have the basic attack mapped or not though.

The Break system is probably my favorite addition. Being able to combo enemies until you break their guard is a nice feature and really adds some flair to the normal hack and slash formula. I also like the fact that certain attacks allow you to knock back or send enemies into the air, giving you more combo opportunities. Another interesting tidbit is the fact that some enemies also have this ability and especially on the boss I found myself in the air quite a bit.

Next I spent a few minutes with the Jadis character, who carries a huge axe and has access to black magic. The spells had nice effects and looked pretty nice. It definitely seems that the various characters will give the game a lot of variety, because the two characters were completely different. Jadis was a slow character but a lot of his attacks had knock-back properties. Completely different play style from Einsatz.

And as everyone can tell from all the videos, the game looks amazing. It has a great style to it and the animations are some of the best seen on the DS ever. Definitely no complaints in that compartment. The ability to zoom in with the select button is also nice, and allowed me to drool all over the animations for a few minutes.

On The Lookout: Soma Bringer

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So my next game purchase has been decided and it is Soma Bringer! I have decided to bite the bullet and hope for the best come next week. I never really paid any attention to the game until they finally updated the official site last week. The videos for the game alone have gotten me hyped. I have recently been pining for a good Action RPG, especially one with co-op and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. But it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to believe the game will be good as the people responsible for it are Monolith Soft, known for their work on games such as Xenogears and Xenosaga.

The official site can be found here with several videos spread throughout the site. The trailer is on the bottom button which says and then some videos under Battle and Keywords. I can’t help but be excited mainly because of how good the 3D engine looks. The animations are incredibly smooth and are beyond anything else I can think of on DS. The combat also seems fairly customizable which is something important in making an Action RPG interesting for long periods of time. So far I am also digging the music in the trailers and videos. I am hoping to get the soundtrack with my reservation. 

The only gripes I have at the moment are the character designs which just appear a little too cookie cutter and mediocre, and the lack of wi-fi play.There will be a demo out today that I will be picking up after work, so I plan to get back with some impressions after trying it out. 

RezHD should have been called…..

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I am absolutely blown away by how awesome they managed to make Rez. I have not played my Dreamcast copy in years, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the ultimate iteration of the game.

And it is not because of the pretty HD visuals. I don’t even think that part is necessary because of the unique visual style the game uses, and the fact that the Dreamcast and PS2 versions still hold up in that regard.

But the sound. Oh my god the sound. Through a nice 5.1 system this game is as close as one can get to gaming euphoria. The quality is amazing and the bass really helps to immerse you in the game. I never got this feeling through the stereo speakers on my TV. It is one of those times where a game really makes me appreciate throwing down good money on a nice 5.1 surround sound system. 

Now to hook up some extra 360 controllers as trance vibrators for the full immersive experience.

Smash Tech: Early Discoveries pt. 2

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Okay so I have managed to get my friend to capture vids of what I earlier deemed the Passing Throw(no official name yet). It’s not really too advanced of a technique but it still seems like it could be useful, especially using it for mindgames.  For the lazy it is a simple tech where you can grab behind you mid run. You just smash and press the grab button at the same time while in a run. I used Toon Link and practiced this new technique on my friend. I messed it up quite a few times, but it also worked on several occasions. He seems like he would be a good character to utilize this because of his decent speed and hookshot grab. I successfully land it around 0:18 and then again around 0:57. And a couple more times throughout the match.

The beginning of something…..mediocre?

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This is the first installment in my Setting the Scene section where I plan to do small translations for practice.

First up is a little known game that I picked up last month for PS2 called Berwick Saga. It is a strategy RPG created by Shouzou Kaga, who is the original creator of the critically acclaimed Fire Emblem series. It is a great SRPG that has a lot of new and interesting changes to the genre. I plan to do more posts later in order to go into more detail about these aspects of the game.

Today I am just posting up a rough translation of the games introduction that appears in the game manual. This is in no way a decent translation and should not be taken as such. I am especially sketchy about some of the romanization of country names and such. But I did the best I could 🙂

「ベルウィックサーガ」ウェリア王国を中心とするベルウィック同盟諸国とラーズ帝国の永きにわたる戦乱の時代を舞台にじた騎士たちの忠誠と友情、そして愛を描いたシミュレーション RPGです。プレイヤーは主人公であるシノン公国の公子 リースの率いるシノン騎士団を操作し、ベルウィック同盟の一員として同盟の為に、時に戦火に苦しむ民衆の為に戦いを繰り広げていきます。


“Berwick Saga” is a simulation RPG set in an era of endless conflict between the Berwick Alliance and the Raaz Empire, centered in the country of Veria and depicting the loyalty, friendship, and love enveloping it’s knights. The player takes control of the main character Reese, a young noble of the Principality of Shinon, and the Shinon Knights he commands as part of the Berwick Allies in a fight for the sake of the Alliance and the people who are suffering the flames of war.

From the chaos of war, or various meetings and farewells in the streets of castle towns to the rise and fall of nations, and people who would trifle with the complex dreams and expectations of others.
There are a wealth of events ahead of Reese and his knights.

Smash Tech: Early Discoveries

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So the Smash community is working overtime on trying to discover new secrets and techniques for Smash Brothers Brawl. I just wanted to chime in on a few of the developments.

One of the more interesting ones that I have actually tested and confirmed is a new way to grab and throw an opponent. It doesn’t have a name yet as far as I know, so I am just going to tentatively call it Passing Grab.

It is basically a quick turn and grab behind while running. You have to be close to a full speed run, pass your opponent by, smash backwards and press the grab button at the same time. Your character will turn and grab very quickly behind them. To me this seems like it could be useful with a fast character like Sonic or even a character like Link who has a long grapple move.  Very simple tech but it appears as if it could have good strategical value.

Also it is important to note that L-canceling is not in the game. Instead it appears as if certain moves just have the amount of lag that you would normally get from L-canceling. So it is basically auto on the moves that can do it, and not possible on other moves. At least so far. Marth was the best example of this as there was considerably little lag on most of his aerials.

I will be back with more info as I discover it. I am also going to go through some more captured vids and see if there is anything worth posting. 

Tip of the Sword

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Marth is back baby. He has been nerfed in some ways but has also gotten better in other areas.

Most noticeable are the changes to his B combo. It used to make him one of the best recovering characters in the game. Not anymore. Now it just makes him a combo monster. It has been changed so that it is not a set timing anymore and you are allowed to input the commands at different speeds. Makes it a lot more useful than it was before. I have been playing new characters mostly so I haven’t explored all the changes to my old main but these are the most apparent. He does seem like he will be one of the best in the game yet again.

Oh and his Final Smash is a gamble but is amazing if used correctly. If you miss you are most likely going to go off the side of the screen to a shameful death. I have seen it happen multiple times. The one thing I am confused on is how the hitbox on it works. It seems as if it normally just hits anything directly in front of you but extends if you manage to connect on one enemy. I wouldn’t have normally hit Snake from where I used the Final Smash, but it managed to after I connected with it on Bowser.

My friend, Smash

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So after coming to the realization that I will be playing this game for years,  I have decided to devote part of this blog to the game. In particular I am going to be talking about new strategies and techniques as they are discovered. It is still really early and everyone is still in the dark concerning new mechanics so it might be light on material at first.

And that is where fun match recordings come in!

First of all, Falco is a beast this time around just as he was in Melee. I like his normal combos a lot more and his over smash is more to my liking because it gives him range. Also I feel that his spikes might be easier to pull off(there is a good one starting around 1:50 in the vid). This might just be a product of the controls being ultra crisp however. Below is a video that RevenantKioku was kind enough to capture for all to see.  I didn’t get it down very well but there seems to be a lot of potential in comboing out of his normal A attack(where he spins around) especially following with his up smash. His short hop attacks seem harder to pull off but that might just be me. I also agree with RK that this stage has great design. Probably one of my new favorites.

I will update with another vid that shows a good usage of Marth’s final Smash 
later in the day. You can find more vids on RevenantKioku’s blog if you like.

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