My friend, Smash

February 5, 2008 at 10:56 am | Posted in Smash R&D | Leave a comment

So after coming to the realization that I will be playing this game for years,  I have decided to devote part of this blog to the game. In particular I am going to be talking about new strategies and techniques as they are discovered. It is still really early and everyone is still in the dark concerning new mechanics so it might be light on material at first.

And that is where fun match recordings come in!

First of all, Falco is a beast this time around just as he was in Melee. I like his normal combos a lot more and his over smash is more to my liking because it gives him range. Also I feel that his spikes might be easier to pull off(there is a good one starting around 1:50 in the vid). This might just be a product of the controls being ultra crisp however. Below is a video that RevenantKioku was kind enough to capture for all to see.  I didn’t get it down very well but there seems to be a lot of potential in comboing out of his normal A attack(where he spins around) especially following with his up smash. His short hop attacks seem harder to pull off but that might just be me. I also agree with RK that this stage has great design. Probably one of my new favorites.

I will update with another vid that shows a good usage of Marth’s final Smash 
later in the day. You can find more vids on RevenantKioku’s blog if you like.


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