Tip of the Sword

February 5, 2008 at 12:08 pm | Posted in Smash R&D | Leave a comment

Marth is back baby. He has been nerfed in some ways but has also gotten better in other areas.

Most noticeable are the changes to his B combo. It used to make him one of the best recovering characters in the game. Not anymore. Now it just makes him a combo monster. It has been changed so that it is not a set timing anymore and you are allowed to input the commands at different speeds. Makes it a lot more useful than it was before. I have been playing new characters mostly so I haven’t explored all the changes to my old main but these are the most apparent. He does seem like he will be one of the best in the game yet again.

Oh and his Final Smash is a gamble but is amazing if used correctly. If you miss you are most likely going to go off the side of the screen to a shameful death. I have seen it happen multiple times. The one thing I am confused on is how the hitbox on it works. It seems as if it normally just hits anything directly in front of you but extends if you manage to connect on one enemy. I wouldn’t have normally hit Snake from where I used the Final Smash, but it managed to after I connected with it on Bowser.


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