Demo Impressions: Soma Bringer

February 23, 2008 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Import Gems | Leave a comment

So after some adventures I finally found a DS station that was playable. Unfortunately the demo isn’t actually available for download and you are forced to use the demo unit to play. Considering a lot of these demo units are used and abused daily it’s not too much fun.

I played a few minutes with around 3 characters, and managed to get to the boss with the Einsatz character. He was equipped with 2 swords and it was really easy to pull off combos with him. His attacks were flashy and had quite a bit of variety. I didn’t get to finish the boss because the DS demo unit decided to reset for some reason, but even the boss in the demo was impressive looking. A big serpent carrying a badass sword. It was fairly easy, but isn’t that how all demos go recently?

The combat system is exactly what I want, simple but customizable which lends it to have a little more depth than some of the more recent ARPG offerings. One thing I didn’t know is that it allows you to have two different attack setups mapped, and you just switch between them with R button(you also switch to your item layout with L). So you are actually able to have around 8 different attacks mapped at one time. Not sure if you are required to have the basic attack mapped or not though.

The Break system is probably my favorite addition. Being able to combo enemies until you break their guard is a nice feature and really adds some flair to the normal hack and slash formula. I also like the fact that certain attacks allow you to knock back or send enemies into the air, giving you more combo opportunities. Another interesting tidbit is the fact that some enemies also have this ability and especially on the boss I found myself in the air quite a bit.

Next I spent a few minutes with the Jadis character, who carries a huge axe and has access to black magic. The spells had nice effects and looked pretty nice. It definitely seems that the various characters will give the game a lot of variety, because the two characters were completely different. Jadis was a slow character but a lot of his attacks had knock-back properties. Completely different play style from Einsatz.

And as everyone can tell from all the videos, the game looks amazing. It has a great style to it and the animations are some of the best seen on the DS ever. Definitely no complaints in that compartment. The ability to zoom in with the select button is also nice, and allowed me to drool all over the animations for a few minutes.


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