Bangai-O Spirits! Weapon FAQ

March 26, 2008 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Import Training Wheels | Leave a comment

Okay so I am just going to type up something quick to help anyone who imported and might be having trouble. These are just simple explanations for the attacks. Feel free to ask any more questions if these are not clear enough.

Normal Weapons

ソード(Sword): Just like it says. A sword that can be used to attack and also cut down enemy missiles.

バット(Bat): Similar to the sword in that it is a close range weapon, except it is able to reflect enemy projectiles instead of cutting them down.

シールド(Shield): A shield that allows you to block incoming attacks. However it is weak against attacks from all sides.

ホーミング(Homing): Normal homing missiles. Track the nearest enemies to their flight path.

バウンド(Bound): Shots that can bounce off of walls and other obstacles. Do not necessarily home in but are made to bounce in an enemy’s general direction.

ブレイク(Break):Shots that have high penetration. Allow you to destroy 2 enemy missiles with one shot.

ナパーム(Napalm): Have high power and blast radius, and will still damage surrounding enemies when shot down. However, they are easy to shoot down and have low penetrating power.


ダイレクト(Direct): Good weapon against tough enemies. Missiles fly out and focus on certain enemies, directly attacking them head on.

フリーズ(Freeze): In a radius that extends just beyond the screen you are able to freeze enemies and their projectiles. The longer you hold it before releasing the longer it lasts. Player is also invulnerable to projectiles while they are frozen.

リフレクト(Reflect): In a radius that extends just beyond the screen this attack sends enemies and their projectiles flying backwards. Can also send items flying.

The normal missile types have the same properties when used as an EX weapon. Just on a larger scale.

Also mixing different bullet types will combine their abilities into one missile type.


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