XABY ep 2: Oh god the lines

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Alright so Episode 2 of XABY is finally up. It is a little bit later this time because our sound producer had some real work which he had to do since we sure as hell aren’t paying him.

You can download it directly from here

Most of my TGS impressions are there so I am not going to write them up here. However I do have a very quick story I wanted to share. As the show came to a close I noticed a few of my buddies had some awesome Ryu ga Gotoku 3 posters which I wanted to get my hands on. Without any real prospect of finding one I took off back to the Sega booth to ask around. Of course everyone I asked said they had all been given out, which left me a bit disappointed. Just as I caught my breath and prepared to return to my friends empty-handed I noticed a line forming near me. As I circled around to get a better look, I realized it was people waiting in line to speak with the producer of the Ryu ga Gotoku series, Toshihiro Nagoshi. There were only a few people lining up so I just slipped in the back. He was caught up in a conversation with a beautiful woman which took the better part of 10 minutes before taking pictures with the people in front of me. It came to my turn and I told him how much I love his games and how excited I was for the third in the series. He was nice enough but didn’t seem to interested in talking to me or the people in front of me. Can’t really blame him considering who we followed after.


XABY Radio: wasting our time talking about games

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I was recently invited to join a podcast by Nayan Ramachandran of HDRL fame. It is basically myself, Nayan, Eric Koziel from Book of Revenant, Segata Sanshiro from Neogaf, and Arne Meyer from Naughty dog wasting time talking about what games we are playing and other topics which are related to the gaming industry. This is the first edition of what is planned to be a bi-weekly podcast. It ended up going quite a bit better than we expected, and I have to say I am looking forward to the next one. This first one is a little bit on the long side but please take a listen and leave any comments you would like.

This is the official site for the podcast or you can just download directly from here.


Persona 4 Prologue

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I have been meaning to do another small translation for practice, and finally found something interesting to work on. So in line with the previous Berwick Saga piece I am putting up my amateur take on the Persona 4 prologue located in the game manual.


After his parents leave town on business, our Hero is forced to move into the small country town of Inaba. Upon his arrival, the town is beset by a series of mysterious murder cases. Corpses with no identifiable cause of death are found one after the other, hanging from buildings or TV antennas…Numerous strange “shadows” steadily creep up on the quiet country town.

A rumor spreads throughout town; at zero hour on a rainy day it is possible to see the Lost Channel. This Lost Channel will supposedly reveal your “soulmate”, but at what cost…?

A shroud falls over the town, in the form of a dark and dense fog.
Almost as if the path to the future has been shut, the town is trapped by the fog.

People suddenly disappear, only to be found as corpses later. Who will be the next to disappear? And where exactly is the culprit…?

In order to uncover the identity of the mysterious murderer, our Hero and his partners have opened up the door to another world. The key to this door is the power lying dormant deep within all of their minds…their other self; Their very own “Persona”.

Persona > > > > Awakening

Facing their true self in this other world, your partners awaken their hidden talents as “Persona Users”. At the same time this marks the end of their peaceful everyday lives. It also means the beginning of a year filled with adversities as they scramble to solve the mystery.

Persona Users

For any average person the ego that they try to suppress is in fact another self which lurks in the depths of their consciousness. A Persona User describes someone who is able to tame this other self and turn it into usable “Power”. Each Persona User has their on particular persona, and our Hero is no different. However, as a Persona User our Hero still has a special power he is still keeping to himself.

The original japanese selection is available below.

Continue Reading Persona 4 Prologue…

A very painful translation experience

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So there is an elementary school where I teach English every Thursday. It is one of my absolute favorites because the kids are well behaved, the school is practically brand new, and even though I do plan with the teachers they usually leave me to my own devices.


However, last week they said they wanted to do a class with the 6th graders where they split into groups and memorize a play in order to perform it the next week. These are elementary school kids so it’s not really plausible to have them perform Macbeth as much as I would have loved to. 


The school already had their own idea and picked out a children’s book called はらぺこあおむし which after some research turned out to be an American book called The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It sounded feasible to me and they were pretty much set on it so I thought I was pretty much set for Thursday.


However on Tuesday I get an email from the teacher with a long body of Japanese and only one sentence at the top: “Please translate this.” It turns out that they lost the English version of the book and were too cheap to buy a new one.


Now I don’t really have a problem with translating but this whole sequence was just incredibly counter-productive. For one it’s not really ideal to take something that has already been translated into a language and then translate it back to original language. But there really was no choice and it was an easy translation so I typed it up in an hour and sent it back to him.


Well I show up that Thursday morning with a print out of the translation and sit down at my desk. The teacher then runs up to me and asks if I can write out the translation in katakana. For the uninitiated(and believe me you are better off) katakana is the alphabet that is used primarily for loan words that were derived from other languages. However the problem arises in that it is impossible to replicate English or basically any other language with the scarce number of sounds present in Japanese. 


I tried to refuse his request but he said it would be impossible without the pronunciation help. After giving a long sigh and telling him i will try, I promptly got a headache after doing about three sentences and just gave up. I had never tried to do this before and the only way to describe it is just painful. It’s the linguistic equivalent of trying to force a square block into a round hole. 


Eventually the teacher came back, probably wondering why I had been just rubbing my temples for the last five minutes, and offered to finish it up for me. 


Eventually the class went okay, but I spent most of my time trying to correct their Katakana-English pronunciation.


Moral of this story is to fight this trend if they ever try to force it into my class again.

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