Metal Gear Online Beta!

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Well it has been a bumpy start, but the Metal Gear Online beta test should be up and running soon. I was one of the few lucky enough to get my Konami ID and beta key all sorted out before Konami’s site started to get hammered to the point where it was unusable. 

Now that it is so close I have found myself reading more and more about this little gem that Kojima Productions is putting out. The game(and the beta) will come complete with character and skill customization, allowing you to decide to specialize in abilities ranging from Close Quarters Combat, Sniping, Demolition, Quickness, and other stats.

However the most exciting aspect of the game is the Sons Of the Patriots system which is something that will also be playing an important part in the MGS4 story. It consists of soldiers being injected with nano-machines that allow them to share information with other squad members in real time. Basically what this allows as far as gameplay in MGO is giving you real time information of your teammates location, status, and even what they are aiming or looking at. However, it is not quite as simple as having them show up on a radar, which would not be a big change from other shooters. It actually just shows their outline through walls and obstacles so you can always keep your eyes on the action and your teammates. 

This is really exciting for me, because I find myself easily distracted by radar and depend on it too much. The way that this system will allow the same type of information(and even more) to be displayed without confining it to a tiny square in the corner of a screen has the potential to make teamwork a lot more seamless inside the game.  

Other than this promising system, the game just looks like it is a solid effort by Kojima Productions. It is packed with all of the action and humor that has become a staple of the Metal Gear series. Just taking a look at the image of the personnel launcher should be enough to confirm this.

Barring connection problems I will be jumping on this game as soon as I get off from work today. See you on the other side! 



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