The beginning of something…..mediocre?

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This is the first installment in my Setting the Scene section where I plan to do small translations for practice.

First up is a little known game that I picked up last month for PS2 called Berwick Saga. It is a strategy RPG created by Shouzou Kaga, who is the original creator of the critically acclaimed Fire Emblem series. It is a great SRPG that has a lot of new and interesting changes to the genre. I plan to do more posts later in order to go into more detail about these aspects of the game.

Today I am just posting up a rough translation of the games introduction that appears in the game manual. This is in no way a decent translation and should not be taken as such. I am especially sketchy about some of the romanization of country names and such. But I did the best I could 🙂

「ベルウィックサーガ」ウェリア王国を中心とするベルウィック同盟諸国とラーズ帝国の永きにわたる戦乱の時代を舞台にじた騎士たちの忠誠と友情、そして愛を描いたシミュレーション RPGです。プレイヤーは主人公であるシノン公国の公子 リースの率いるシノン騎士団を操作し、ベルウィック同盟の一員として同盟の為に、時に戦火に苦しむ民衆の為に戦いを繰り広げていきます。


“Berwick Saga” is a simulation RPG set in an era of endless conflict between the Berwick Alliance and the Raaz Empire, centered in the country of Veria and depicting the loyalty, friendship, and love enveloping it’s knights. The player takes control of the main character Reese, a young noble of the Principality of Shinon, and the Shinon Knights he commands as part of the Berwick Allies in a fight for the sake of the Alliance and the people who are suffering the flames of war.

From the chaos of war, or various meetings and farewells in the streets of castle towns to the rise and fall of nations, and people who would trifle with the complex dreams and expectations of others.
There are a wealth of events ahead of Reese and his knights.


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