Who the hell am I?

Just a normal Internet nobody. I was born under the name Joshua Weatherford in the small city of Paducah, Kentucky. Please don’t do the same and name your child Josh because there really are too many of us. Name them after some Norse god/goddess instead. Names from the Bible are so boring anyway. I also have no idea where my last name came from. Just that it is long and contains the name of one of the worst car manufacturers in the USA. I am afraid to look up my own family tree because well somethings are better off unknown, especially if it deals with the history of a tiny town in Kentucky.

I have moved around most of my life, mostly in the Southeastern part of America. I eventually ended up in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida in 2007 with a Bachelors in East Asian Language and Literature. I am currently teaching English to elementary and junior high students in Fukuoka, Japan. It has been a great experience so far even though there have been quite a few rough patches. I am sure the blog will reflect some of this.

I honestly have tons of interests and seem to add to them every year. I have always been interested in games, comics, and pretty much any other typical nerdy hobby you can think of. The most recent additions to the list of hobbies are scuba diving, snowboarding, translating, archery, and Kendo. Hopefully I can one day settle on certain ones to focus on.


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